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Waist Support Pillows

The waist pillows are designed for full support to your waist. They keep your spine straight by supporting your back thanks to its anatomic design. The waist pillow is perfect for spinal disc herniation, waist injury and deformity.

You can fasten it to your chair with its elastic strap. It is designed to be used at car, office and home seats easily.
The cover is washable. 

Four Purpose Pillow / DR113
It can be used as neck support pillow, waist support pillow, under knee pillow, and leg relaxing pillow. It is good for the pregnants.

Waist Support Pillow / VB019
It is designed for to be used on regular mattresses. When you lay on your back, it fills up the space under your back and relieves your back. When you sleep on your side, it fills up the space under your waist and supports it. It is ideal for pregnants.

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